Outcrier.com Privacy Statement


The following statement demonstrates our commitment to online privacy rights for individuals and businesses that browse Outcrier.com.

Your IP address may be logged in an access log and / or an error log. These logs are used to help maintain optimal load on the server and diagnose problems with the website.

Outcrier.com uses cookies to verify user identity when logged into the website. The information gathered with cookies is only used to verify user identity during the use of the website. Upon closing the browser program, the cookie information is discarded.

Outcrier.com's user registration form requires specific personal information including, but not limited to: name, email address, city, etc. This information is used for demographic purposes, as well as contact information for correspondence between Outcrier.com and its users.

In some cases Outcrier.com may request specific order information in the form of an order identification number. This identification number may be used to correspond with the vendor that a post references so that post integrity may be achieved. The order information will not be shared by Outcrier.com with any individual or business other than that for which the post references.

From time to time, Outcrier.com may send emails with news and information with regards to the Outcrier.com website. If you would not like to receive these emails, you may unsubscribe from future Outcrier.com mailings by un-checking the "Email List" option.

Outcrier.com will never send username and password combinations via email unless the user specifically requests their Outcrier.com login information.

This site contains links to other sites. Outcrier.com is not responsible for the privacy practices of linked sites.

Outcrier.com will never release any given personal information to third party sources. This statement does not apply to online vendors, as they waive certain privacy rights due to need to display contact and address information to individual site users. Vendor information that will be publicly displayed is clearly identified to vendors upon registration.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Outcrier.com privacy statement, please feel free to submit a support ticket, and we will respond accordingly.